Oil Falters on Specter of Supply Bubble From U.S. Surplus, Libya

Oil Falters on Specter of Supply Bubble From U.S. Surplus, Libya

Submitted July 16, 2018 at 07:07AM by ChesterEnergyDC
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The case for a return to the $100 territory

The case for a return to the $100 territory

I've been long-term bearish on oil namely because 1) the secular shift towards renewables energies and electric cars 2) far too much supply from shale and new entrants from the removal of sanctions 3) environmental regulatory pressures due to climate change.

That being said, Exxon has apparently decided to go all in on oil ,when everyone seems to be pulling out, because (at least what I understand so far) that oil is undermined and that we will see a return to higher oil prices.

Any devil's advocates here who wish to provide the bullish case for oil? I can't see one..

Submitted July 15, 2018 at 06:48PM by DanielFok
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Mud logging to geosteering

Mud logging to geosteering

So I recently just graduated from OU with a degree in petroleum geology and took a job as a mud logger and am wondering if anyone has any tips on how to move to geosteering as quick as possible as that is what I really want to do. My company has a geosteering division but from what I’ve heard it’s rare they ever promote anyone from mud logging to geosteering.

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Oil pricing.

Oil pricing.

My dad has been investing in oil pricing with a 15x multiplier (Morgan Stanley). And Morgan stanley had a drop in price. And with the multiplier, that meant a 90% fall. So my dad decided to buy some (€10K) And if the price of oil recovers completly that will result in a 1000% yield. And if im right the oil price should recover pretty soon or somewhere in this year, right? Whats your predictions?

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