Significant producing unit in this basin…..?

Significant producing unit in this basin…..?

Hello, I'm going through a geology report on a recent small oil field that I purchased. I'm unsure of what this really means. Should it have been drilled lower in hopes of attaining more oil? Would it benefit me to go deeper? The well currently needs to be re-worked anyways. In the notes it states:

Cores throughout the 1600 feet of shale underlying the Eade sand in the Standard well had gas and free light gravity oil oozing from the fractures and permeable portions of small sand lenses and stringers.

Near the bottom of the well, a 10 foot oil stained sand had permeabilities in excess of 100 millidarcies and oil saturation of 16.3%. This stringer was possibly the precursor of the basal Miocene sand. The thickness and quality of the basal sand is admittedly an unknown, but it could be a significant producing unit in this basin.

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