Researching Oil Rig Life/Work for Book (esp wrt roughnecks)

Researching Oil Rig Life/Work for Book (esp wrt roughnecks)

Hi — I am wondering if anyone could recommend any books or online articles, videos, or other resources that could assist me in my research. I'm working on a novel, some of which takes place on/around oil rigs in West Texas, and I have been searching for an easy-to-understand, straightforward explanation of the duties of each of the workers on a standard rig. I am particularly interested in the role played by roughnecks. I have found bits and pieces here and there but am having trouble getting a clear idea of a roughneck's duties and the names of the equipment with which they interact. Can anyone suggest any sources that might be helpful?

Also, I am curious about theft from oil fields — it seems that things like tools, batteries, and oil itself are sometimes stolen, but my main question is how? Can anyone describe a plausible scenario in which theft could occur and how it could be done without detection? Is there just not enough security on such a large plot of land? How do thieves tap into wells or breach locked tool compartments? Any insight would be so appreciated.

Thanks so much for any help you can offer! I really appreciate it.

Submitted August 01, 2017 at 10:17AM by secretfateofalllife
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