Survey – New way to clean up oil spills.

Survey – New way to clean up oil spills.

Hi, I'm John and am currently working on the possibility of commercialising mycoremediation (mushrooms cleaning up oil). In essence, white rot fungi can clean up oil by secreting special enzymes which break down complex polymers like oil into simpler substances they can then use to grow. It seems likely that it will be far more cost efficient and time efficient than conventional methods. I have been doing further work into those enzymes in an attempt to ensure this technology is as viable as possible. I am currently looking for feedback as in order to make commercialisation most effective. When was the last time you were unhappy about an oil spill? What was the worst about that spill? Why was that bad? How was work done towards fixing it/ What do you hope to do to prevent things like that? Why is that solution not fantastic? (Or is it suitable?) Alternatively, What would your concerns be about mushrooms cleaning up oil? Which of these is most pressing? Why is it a concern? Do you have alternative solutions? TL;DR Mushrooms can clean up oil cheaply. Trying to commercialise it. Looking for Feedback. Questions above. Thank you so much.

Submitted July 25, 2017 at 04:28PM by J_o_h_n_P_o_o_l_e
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