This week’s Career AMA in /r/geologycareers – Petroleum geoscientist

This week’s Career AMA in /r/geologycareers – Petroleum geoscientist

Hi all – I had a recommendation that you might be interested in the Career AMA we're hosting at /r/geologycareers this week. Our host is an early career (~2 years) petroleum geoscientist, focused on data content. Their company sources, extracts, analyzes, and formats different forms of data and uploads it into a database that is sold to operators and investment banks. Our AMAs are open for questions for several days, and this one will be active through the end of this week. I encourage you to stop by and check it out, and ask any questions you might have!

Since this is the first time I've posted here I'll let you know that we also have a list of past Career AMAs linked in our sidebar (and I'll link for you HERE) of which several have been done by O&G geologists. Our sub caters to all fields of geology, including O&G, mining, environmental, geophysics, academia, etc. so there are also quite a few other ones in there you may find interesting.

You can find the AMA post (HERE), or alternatively it's stickied to the top of our sub. Please be sure to leave any questions for the AMA in the actual post to ensure they're seen and answered.


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